Projects & Drawings from 2009-2012

Black Bridge

                                                                                                       Rest In Peace J.L.






































Two 1 min. Gestures - Pen & Ink/Paint

10 min. Mixed Media life drawing

 Caricature of myself finished - Diggin' in the crates!

First Flux Box finished! Never done anything like this before - I'll put a couple pictures of its contents soon.


 Life drawing's from last term

Anatomy with basic body contour

Just over a hundred page Journal for Conceptual Process, really enjoyed working through this

Anatomy assignment from first term
Step by step process of the 'Mr. & Mrs. Object' Project for Conceptual Process

Refined Still Life - Week 13

All touched up

20 min pose from 3 weeks ago

20 min pose from 1 week ago

20 min pose from 4 weeks ago

20 min pose from 2 weeks ago

20 min pose from 3 weeks ago


20 min pose from 4 weeks ago

Straight Line gesture from 2 weeks ago

Straight Line gesture from 3 weeks ago

Cross Contour from 2 weeks ago

                                                               Cross Contour from last week

Cube figure 2 weeks ago


Gesture from this week

Blind contour from 3 weeks ago

 Blind contour from last week

Blind contour from two weeks ago


Blind contour from last week

First draft sketch of my 'Siamese Skull' design for Flight Distance new logo contest

    Big Punisher - Rest In Peace Sketch

 All City sketch

 Drew this after watchinbg Jacob's Ladder for the first time, doesn't really speak at all to what the movie was about but it ended up being a sort of altered portrait of Tim Robbin's character.

 Im involved with evolving, theres not a problem I can't solve when. . .

This drawing was an assignment from last fall. I believe it was the first of the year actually. We had to find an object and wrap it in anything we wanted and draw each stage of the unwrapping as we develop a interesting composition. I chose to put a toy Dinosaur in a surgeon glove, this is it finished.

Had to do some filing for my dad and ended up having a bunch of leftover thin cardboard slabs so I thought I'd make a small series of drawings, that shows the connection from one idea to the next with the signature 'light bulb' to show the direction.






                                                                     Self Portrait: Pencil on Mayfair

                                  Composition drawn from an old building/museum in downtown Montreal

                                          Composition made from different pressed textures and materials

 Compostion made from old life drawings with incorperated line and drawing over top

                                                                                                       Life Drawing 1/3

 Life drawing 2/3  Favorite Life drawing I've done to date

                                                                            Life drawing 3/3